The Village of Adventures
23-26 MAY
Borsh, Albania

7-th Edition of South Outdoor Festival

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Rent a Car

Rent a Car

When you’re in Albania or planning your trip, consider renting a car through our friends at AVIS. They offer a fantastic South Outdoor Festival rate!

For directions to the festival, use the maps on your phone. As you approach the festival area, keep an eye out for temporary festival road signs—they’ll guide you to the festival site.



For Premium Campers, parking is located near the campsite and close to the main venue. There will be also different parking areas in the fields around the main venue and along the beach. Car parking is not included in your ticket. No sleeping, camping or fires are allowed in the car parks.

Police Patrol will be present during all the days of the festival and will remove any illegally parked cars. Local Police will be enforcing the speed limits approaching the site, please comply with them!

Distances from Main Cities

Distances from Main Cities

Situated in South Albania, Borsh Village is in close proximity to key tourist cities and villages. Below, you’ll find information about distances from the main cities/villages:

Tirana: 240 minutes (about 245 kilometers).

Vlora: 120 minutes (about 90 kilometers).

Saranda: 50 minutes (about 39 kilometers).

Himara: 25 minutes (about 17 kilometers).

Dhërmi: 50 minutes (about 32 kilometers)

Llogara: 80 minutes (about 53 kilometers).

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