The Village of Adventures
23-26 MAY
Borsh, Albania

7-th Edition of South Outdoor Festival

About Us

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What is the South Outdoor Festival?

What is the South Outdoor Festival?

The South Outdoor Festival is a celebration of all things outdoors: sport, culture, tradition, music, nature, and food. Taking place every year in the village of Borsh, southern Albania, the festival invites participants from all over the country and Europe to join, compete, and have fun, enjoying and experiencing the uniqueness that makes Albania’s beautiful Riviera special.

This unique festival combines sport, games, culture, tradition, food, music, entertainment and so much more, and we are committed to making it as sustainable and local as possible. With more than 40 different outdoor activities, targeted at all age groups and backgrounds, there’s something to offer for everyone.

The Mission

The South Outdoor Festival aims to use outdoor activities, culture, tradition, music, performing arts, and special events to grow public enthusiasm and encourage participation with the aim of making southern Albania an international tourism destination

Through our special outdoor activities and cultural events, we try to engage both outdoor lovers and visitors as participants sharing the specific cultural perceptions arising from history and tradition, cuisine and beverages, music and dancing.

The Mission

Trusted Partners

South Outdoor Festival is realized in strong partnership with the Albanian best Tour Operators who have been working in tourism sector for years, specializing active tourism and receiving awards for developing new tourist products and events within their businesses. The festival is strongly supported from GIZ Albania in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism and Environment, National Tourism Agency, Himara Municipality.

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