May 05, 2019

South Outdoor Festival 2019, Borsh

https://cms.southoutdoor.al/South Outdoor Festival 2019
Borsh, Albania

Besides the sports activities, the participants had the opportunity to have some of the most typical experiences of the region like olive oil tasting, castle tours, buy local products and handicrafts, listen to the traditional singing of polyphonic singers, etc. Borsh is a town, but really refers more to a collection of settlements both historic and contemporary that exist along an alluvial plain that is the delta of a small river that flows into the sea from the inland mountains. The mountains provided a secure point upon which to build a castle; the plain provided flat ground with rich soil on which to cultivate olives; and in recent times, the wide beach created by the delta has provided the basis for a tourist economy. Borsh’s wide coastline, cultural buildings, traditional products and good infrastructure make this village the perfect location as the festival’s main venue. 

Trusted Partners

South Outdoor Festival is realized in strong partnership with the Albanian best Tour Operators who have been working in tourism sector for years, specializing active tourism and receiving awards for developing new tourist products and events within their businesses. The festival is strongly supported from GIZ Albania in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism and Environment, National Tourism Agency, Himara Municipality.

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